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I realized i need to start adding more journal entries, so i'll start with this. This weekend i bought a book titled a Left Handed History of the World, showing everybody that made an impact on history who was left handed. So, i'm going to put up my own list of Left handed people just like me to describe how we, the Southpaws, will conquer the world!

Ramesses the Great: Probably the most influential character in Egyptian history, who conquered the Hittites and sent the world bowing at his feet.

Alexander the Great: Greatest Emperor of the third largest ancient empire in the world, and spread Greek customs so as far away as India.

Aristotle: Greek Philosopher whose writing on a large variety of subjects is still studied today.

Julius Caesar: A Roman senate member who is famous for conquering the Gals and being, well, stabbed 23 times in the back...

Joan of Arc: The French maiden who led France into victory against England in the Hundred Years War.

Charlemagne: The Holy Roman Emperor who was just amazing (Not to mention one of my ancestors)

Napoleon Bonaparte: My hero who i could go on forever about, who conquered France, Italy, Egypt, and Russia who attempted to follow in the footsteps of fellow Southpaw Alexander

Benjamin Franklin: American Founding father who discovered electricity and got drunk waaaaay too much.

Jack the Ripper: British Serial Killer whose identity remains unknown

Fidel Castro: Cuban leader and revolutionist who overthrew the Cuban government

Henry Ford: Inventor of the first practical Automobile and paved the way for others to follow.

Helen Keller: Famous Blind and Deaf woman who became a blind Advocate and Therapist.

Buzz Aldrin: Apollo 13 Astronaut who flew with Niel and one of th first men to land on the moon.

John Dillinger: Popular Chicago mobster shot outside of theater, made famous in the movie, "Public Enemy"

Barack Obama: 44th US President, First African-American President and 2012 Presidential Candidate

Charlie Chaplin: Silent Movie comedian who revolutionized laughter and brought it to the big screen.

Leonardo da Vinci: Painter of the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, He was also an Inventor, Lawyer, Composer, and Naturalist.

Michelangelo: Artist who sculpted David, and painted the ceiling of the Sisteen Chapel.  




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